Holiday Club

We have a full summer programme for our holiday club, play time and outings, all arranged from one safe place, with our awesome staff!

You can drop your children off with us at 8am for breakfast and leave them with us until 6pm if you wish! We want you to feel comfortable and reassured that whilst you have to work, your child is being cared for and having lots of fun, after all it’s their holiday time. Our club is a chance for them to meet up with friends, learn new activities, feel proud of their accomplishments and feel like they had a great break from school.

For fee information, please contact us on 01304 822226

All registration fees must be paid at the time of booking and invoices must be paid upfront to secure your child’s place, no refund will be given if you no longer want a place (because of staff ratios being organised ahead of time). However, in special circumstances, if we are able to re-sell your child’s place we will of course refund you. We always want to help if we can.

Please note: any transportation used on daily basis within our setting is to provide a comprehensive service of care and is not charged extra for in anyway. Our care costs are the same to each parent that uses our services regardless of needing transportation to and from our setting. This service is provided free of charge by us as a not for profit company, to service our community.

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