Vision and Values


Our vision is to provide a friendly, loving and safe environment for your child to learn, grow and excel in their journey. We are built on solid Christian foundations with a biblical ethos that offers a high standard of education in a stimulating environment. Our children thrive because they are well-grounded, loved and valued for being themselves. We believe that good education starts in the home and look to encourage families to form good
relationships with us at the pre-school.


A child’s journey of discovery starts at a young age, these are precious and crucial years that need nurturing and developing with love and understanding. We provide a welcoming environment with excellent staff dedicated to each individual child’s growth. We know our nursery teachers will become role models whilst the children are away from their home environment so it is really important to us that they feel they are loved and valued.

We care about how they feel and take an interest in their lives which makes them feel important. The teachers will help them to grow in confidence whilst developing a sense of independence. The children start to form friendships and feel a sense of responsibility. They begin to work and play cooperatively along-side other children.

We believe in worshipping God wholeheartedly and incorporate prayer, bible stories and worship into our daily routine. We think of ourselves as a modern, community church pre-school.


At Kingdom Pre-School a range of strategies are used to ensure that each child reaches his/her potential. A variety of activities are designed so that children can maintain interest, gain confidence and have fun while they are learning. Learning is personalised through careful observation of every individual and by each teacher responding to the detailed knowledge of the children in their care. Children therefore make a highly successful transition from pre-school to primary school.


At Kingdom Pre-School, we believe in nurturing links between parents/carers and the pre-school, as this is key to a successful partnership. We wish to support families where we can and promote transparent communication that is regular and easy going.


At Kingdom Pre-School we like to use the biblical teaching of “love your neighbour, as yourself” we promote equality between all children, staff and parents. We encourage children to be kind to one another and point out that they should treat each other as they would like to be treated. The impact of their behaviour upon one another is also discussed as they learn to consider other people’s feelings.

Charitable Funding

Kingdom Pre-School has been set up as a “not for profit” charitable organisation. All surplus funds are reinvested in its objectives, the main one being the benefits to its community. We look to help the local community in whatever ways we can. As we grow and become more established we will be publishing details of this on our website.

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